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I attended the monthly gathering of racers from the former Stoney Creek racetrack Speedway Park. People attending this month were Lorne Overholster, Larry Woods, Ken MacLennan, Dean Pronovost, Mark Shadwell, Rob Disher Sr, Rob Disher Jr, Jack Hollis, Don Nicholls, Murry Nicholls, Pete Shepherd Sr, Ron Horncastle, Al Banyard, Larry Day, Wayne Ready, Don Deagle, Bill Daniels, Jack Greenalgh, Chris Long, Derek Smith, Dave Armstrong, Doug Callowhill, Len Winters, Colin Slade, Dave Williams, Ross May, Terry Kitchen , Ken Holmes, Charlie Mitchell, Gary Rolley, John Witcher, Bob Fisher, and Gentlemen w/2 canes. For more info, please see the Hamilton Speedway Park Alumni Facebook page. There are about 600 photos online now.

Here are about 600 photos.

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